Poker as a friend

If you are reading this then you either already play poker, have an interest in playing poker or you have stumbled across this site and something caught your eye.

Across the Internet there are thousands,possibly millions of articles based around poker and its rules, strategies and celebrities. Many are unique and many you will have seen over and over again. Just the same as your Pocket Rockets being cruelly beaten on the river by pocket 4’s.

I would like you to take a different look at the game of poker. View it as I do. View it as a friend.

I have been playing poker on line since mid May 2006. Just under two years.
In that time I have been called a FISH or DONKEY many a time. I have also been called much worse on the odd occasion. All is not bad though as many a time my play has warranted and received shouts of ‘Well Played’, ‘Good Call’ or ‘Good Hand’

Just like a true friend, poker scolds you when you are bad and praises you when good.

Poker ,just like my second love football (soccer to my American friends), takes you on a joy ride through life. All the time treating you like a best friend should. Poker will drag you down till you feel that you are the lowest of the lows. When you have spent the last dollar of your bankroll however poker is still with you.

Poker will also take to the summit of your card playing life. Winning that WSOP Main Event seat or becoming forum champion poker will shout,scream and celebrate with you. Poker will still be there.

Day in Day out you meet some great characters and some not so great. Friendships will be created and enemies will be met. Fondness and rivalry will both be encountered on the same day and highly likely on the same table in the same game.

And why we ask ourselves?

The answer is plain and simple. Poker is a game enjoyed and loved but also despised by millions throughout the world. It can become our worst enemy or our best friend.

I consider poker as a friend and can honestly say that because of poker I have made some great friends worldwide. All of which I would almost certainly never have met if it wasn’t for my friend known only as poker.

So ask yourself this. Is poker your friend or is it your enemy?

I am sure that most of you,like me, will only be able to reply ‘Poker is my friend’
And what a friend it has turned out to be.